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7 Tips on Choosing Red Leather Pants

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7 Tips on Choosing Red Leather Pants

Leather pants are available in a variety of colors. In addition to black and brown, you can find them in red. Red leather pants, in fact, have become a popular choice for both men and women. They are still made of real leather. Red leather pants are simply dyed a bright red color during production. Below are seven tips on how to choose the perfect red leather pants.

#1) Consider Your Footwear

You should consider your footwear when choosing red leather pants. In other words, what type of footwear do you intend to wear with them? Like most pants, red leather pants different types of footwear. You can wear sneakers, high heels, boots and other types of footwear with them. If you’re planning to wear boots with them, though, you may want to choose boot-cut red leather pants.

Boot-cut refers to a tapered design. Boot-cut red leather pants become narrower towards the hem. This tapered design will allow you to wrap the hem over the top of your boots. If you’re planning to wear with them other types of footwear, such as sneakers or high heels, you don’t have to choose a boot-cut style. But for boots, there’s no better choice than boot-cut red leather pants.

#2) Look for Pockets

When choosing red leather pants, look for pockets. Most red leather pants are designed with pockets. You can find pockets on the front and back. The front of the red leather pants should feature at least two pockets — one on each side.

The back of the red leather pants should feature an additional two pockets. With this traditional pocket configuration, you’ll have plenty of storage space for small and everyday items. At the same time, the pockets will create a more classic appearance that’s synonymous with casual trousers.

#3) Go With a Deep Color

Another tip to follow when choosing red leather pants is to go with a deep color. All red leather pants feature red-colored leather. After all, that’s what distinguishes them from other types of leather pants. Nonetheless, some of them have a deeper color than others.

There are leather pants that feature a light-red color. They aren’t particularly dark. Instead, they feature a light-red color. The problem with light-red leather pants is that they are more susceptible to fading. The longer you wear them, the more they’ll fade. Over time, the light-red color may fade to the point where it looks pink. For a true red color, you should choose leather pants with a deeper and darker red color.

#4) Real Leather

One of the most important things to look for when choosing red leather pants is a real leather construction. You can’t assume that a pair of pants is made of real leather just because they are sold and marketed as “leather pants.” While some of them are made of real leather, others are made of faux leather.

Faux leather isn’t the same as real leather. Also known as artificial leather, it’s a type of synthetic material that’s designed to look like real leather. Faux leather has a similar sheen as real leather, and it’s available in many of the same colors, including red. The problem with faux leather, though, is that it lacks the properties of real leather. It’s weaker, has an artificial smell and doesn’t last as long. You can expect to pay more for a pair of red leather pants made of real leather, but it’s a smart investment that will allow you to take full advantage of these brilliant and bold trousers.

#5) Consider a Quilted Design

You should consider choosing red pants with a quilted design. What is a quilted design exactly, and why does it matter? A quilted design means that the red leather pants are made with patches of real leather. They aren’t made of a single and solid piece of leather. Instead, they are made with multiple sections or patches of real leather.

Red leather pants with a quilted design are typically warmer than their counterparts. They’ll provide greater protection against the cold winter weather by trapping your body heat. Even when it’s cold outside, you can comfortably wear red leather pants if they feature a quilted design.

#6) Inspect the Fasteners

Something to consider when choosing red leather pants is the fasteners. Nearly all pants have fasteners — and red leather pants are no exception. Fasteners consist of buttons, zippers and rivets. They are used to secure individual pieces of fabric together. If you’re going to buy red leather pants, you should inspect the fasteners beforehand.

Avoid choosing red leather pants with cheap or otherwise low-quality fasteners. Cheap fasteners are prone to damage. Pulling up or down a cheap zipper, for instance, may cause it to break. And if the zipper breaks, you may not be able to wear the red leather pants until you’ve replaced the broken zipper. You can avoid headaches such as this by inspecting the fasteners beforehand. Make sure the red leather pants have premium, high-quality fasteners that won’t break.

#7) Opt for Custom Sizing

There’s no substitution for custom sizing when choosing red leather pants. Because they are made of leather, red leather pants typically offer a form-fitting design that hugs your body when worn. They aren’t baggy, nor do they fit loosely when worn. With their form-fitting design, though, you need to get the right size.

You can find red leather pants in generic sizes as well as custom sizing. Generic sizes are standard length and waist sizes. While you might get lucky and find a pair of red leather pants in a generic size that fit, this usually isn’t the case. For the perfect, you’ll need to opt for custom sizing. Custom sizing means that you specify your exact body measurements. The red leather pants will then be customized using your own body measurements, resulting in the perfect fit.

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